Mom Boss Spotlight

with Maryh Harris from Oklahoma City, OK

MEET MARYH! Mom of one sweet baby girl and photographer!

Tell us about your business: I'm Maryh Lashell owner of M Lashell Photography. I am a brand , commercial, and wedding photographer. The services I provide embody who I am as a person. I bring life to the instances that matter. Whether it is elevating your brand content or capturing your wedding. The moments that show my clients at their highest selves is what brings joy to my camera lens.

Why did you choose this business? What lead you to start? It chose me; after I bought a camera so I could start a talk show. I wasn’t feeling the talk show so I took a picture & I was GOOD!

What is the most challenging thing about raising babies & growing a business for you? The most challenging thing for me is creating a routine to follow in order to maximize my business day .

Describe being a mompreneur in 3 words? New. Difficult. Rewarding

If you could be any animal what would you be and why? A Lion , because I find strength in family & community. But I’m also strong alone.

Name an app your business couldn't survive without? Acuity

What song is your PUMP-UP jam? A song that gets you in the workflow? Anything Nipsey

You've got 2 hours totally free, no kids, no work, no chores- How will you spend your 2 hours? After Covid, I’m going to day drink & act a fool lol.

What is your number 1 advice for moms wanting to start their own business? Be sure to research the profit margins of the business you want to pursue before you invest in any business.

Who is your biggest inspiration and why? I’m inspired by my peers . They strive for excellence & continue to add value to our community.

Share one goal you have for your business next month and tell us how our crew can support you! My goal for this year is to have my 2021 prices and services ready to serve you. The crew can support me by following me on Instagram at

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