Elizabeth Davila

Mom Boss Spotlight with Elizabeth Davila​

This week I had the pleasure to chat with mom + wife + boss Elizabeth Davila. Lizzy decided to quit her teaching job and start her own vinyl craft business so she could create income and stay home with her kids, her shop is called Gifts by Lizzy!

Q. Tell us about your business? What product / service do you provide?

A. I empower women to CREATE a balance between motherhood and business. My site covers topics like parenting, diys, self-care, travel and business. A little bit of everything since as moms, we wear many hats!

I left my bilingual elementary teacher job when my first baby was born.
I’ve always loved crafting and needed a way to make extra cash so I started my own little gift shop business where I sell personalized gifts.
When the pandemic hit, I got the idea of helping other women start their own vinyl crafting business so they too could have financial flexibility.

Q. Why did you choose this business? what lead you to start? here.

A. I chose my gift shop business because crafting is my passion and it’s a perfect way to earn money but still be at home with my little ones. Now that I teach other women how to do the same, it makes my heart even happier to see women be able to make money while doing something they enjoy.

Q. What is the most challenging thing about raising babies & growing a business for you?

A. For me, the most challenging thing about raising my children and growing a business is sometimes giving myself enough grace.

Q. Name an app your business couldn't survive without?

A. An app my business couldn’t survive without is Facebook as that is where all of my giftshop business comes from.

Q. Describe being a momprenuer in 3 words?

Love. Balance. Courage.

Q. You've got 2 hours totally free, no kids, no work, no chores- How will you spend your 2 hours?

Sex and the City marathon with snacks for sure!

Q. What is your number 1 advice for moms wanting to start their own business?

A. The number one advice I would give moms who are serious about wanting to start their own business is to find a mentor. Whether it is a paid mentor or not, we all need support.

Q. Share a goal you have for your business this month and how can MBN crew support you?

A. One major goal for my business this month is to help more women join my course and start their craft business, especially since the biggest crafting selling season is just around the corner. Follow Lizzy on FB & IG to learn more and keep up with her mom blog!



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